Monday, February 22, 2010


Sign up for house party, it's free!
I want to share a great site with you called You will receive amazing discounts and free stuff from brands you know and love. All you have to do is host a party with a few friends and family in your own home. It's a lot of fun.

Enjoy!I am super excited! I have been chosen to host an Sandwich Revolution House Party! The party will take place on Feb. 27th, 2010!

What is House Party?
Sign up:
Browse the parties we have coming up and apply online to host the ones that seem like a perfect fit for you. When you host a House Party you're a VIP: You get sneak previews of the best TV shows, free stuff, and the best offers out there on the things you really like.

If you don't see any current House Parties that move you, then sign up for the mailing list, tell us what types of events you're interested in, and we'll send you an email when an event launches that matches your preferences.

Set up:
Once you've found your perfect House Party and you're set to host it, we'll help you plan your best party ever. You'll be one of 1,000 or more special House Party Hosts, all preparing to party on one special day. You'll get to use House Party's fun and easy Party Planning Wizard to set up your party, invite your friends, and manage RSVPs. And you'll join Party Central–the unique online community that we host for each House Party.

Build up:
As a House Party host, you're a VIP member of a House Party Community who gets to browse and interact with all the other hosts and their parties. For the weeks leading up to Party Day you'll share photos and videos; use our party planning guides to make your party the best ever; and blog with your guests and the other House Partiers. You'll do this AND take advantage of special offers, exciting contests and fun activities on Party Central, all as you put the finishing touches on YOUR party.

Party Up:
It's Party Day and 10,000+ House Partiers across the country are gathering to whoop it up. Whether you're previewing a previously unseen TV show, listening to an unreleased CD of a band you love, or trying out a new kind of food or drink, you and your friends will enjoy a party unlike any you've ever experienced.

Talk it UP:
Did you love your House Party? Then tell everyone about it! We'll give you lots of ways and reasons to pass on to your friends and family all that was memorable about your House Party. Share photos and videos from your bash. Show off a little! Enjoy the spotlight! We're sure you're going to love hosting your House Party–and we help you share it with the world.


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